The Ultimate Tool for the Pristine Pool -Pool Weasel Vacuum Systems

We make pool cleaning as easy as it gets.

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"This machine would suck a cat off a curtain"..Marc Vroom, Maintenance Eng. Lane Company....."I could not get this pool any cleaner than if I had picked it up,& turned it upside down and pulled it wrong side out." Kenneth Dobbs-The Ranch at Possum Kingdom Lake-TX....We have many more customer testimonials..... The Pool Weasel has replaced most vacuums on the market place, but none of the others have EVER replaced our Pool Weasel. The Pool Weasel has been around since the early 80' get what you pay for. It can be the last pool EVS (external vacuum system) that you ever buy again.

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Our customers choose the portable Pool Weasel over other products for a lot of different reasons.  Here are a few. The dependability, thoroughness to clean, ease of use, portability, and how quickly it works.

The Pool Weasel replaces vacuuming internally.  It saves the wear and tear of the pool's filtration system while conserving water and lessening sewage, reducing chemical usage, and reducing labor by 2/3rds.

Our customers retire automatic systems because they become frustrated with the job that they don't do.  Automatic systems, can get hung up in one location, get tangled on ropes or ladders.  Those systems are costly to repair both in time and money. READ MORE

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We accept VISA, MASTER CARD and AMERICAN EXPRESS .....Please call 1/800 P Weasel or Fax your order to : 704.875.2793

Toll Free 800/793-2735 (1/800 P Weasel)